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What are you looking for as a grower?

  1. A healthy crop
  2. A high-quality harvest
  3. High yields

Three important ingredients are required to achieve these goals:

  1. Good location (with minimal wind and hail exposure, etc.)
  2. The right crop strain
  3. Proper nutrition and water


FiloCal® helps you achieve these goals. FiloCal® is a foliar nutrition system that is a perfect supplement to your nutrition program.

FiloCal®’s unique composition ensures that your crop keeps growing in perfect condition. This can be achieved by improving the crop’s health and increasing root activity, hence minimizing crop stress. In addition, FiloCal® also promotes improved branching and stem growth. FiloCal® usage improves growth. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we have a number of results of investigation about the working of FiloCal®. You can find them by going to the tab page ‘Experiments’ or on our download page.